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Micro-transactions for everyday use.

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Welcome to Dimecoin

Dimecoin is a digital payment solution built on speed and security which makes it ideal for micro payments. It can be utilized online or in-store through our open source network which is supported by users worldwide.

As a community based coin, Dimecoin values everybody’s opinion. We encourage you to become an important part of Dimecoin’s journey and vision as we develop into a world leading digital payment solution.

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Why Dimecoin?

Dimecoin Community
Community Development

Our decentralized structure keeps money out of the hands of the very few. Dimecoin and the community deeply believe in helping the community. We shall donate a large portion of all funds received to the charity chosen by a community vote. The smaller portion of all funds received will go towards development and marketing to sustain Dimecoin’s growth. Dimecoin polls will be voted upon by community members. Please join and let us know, what you think!

Dimecoin Mining

Easy for the community to mine. Based on the Quark algorithm, DIME can be mined via CPUGPU, or ASIC miners. This ensures it is easily minable by all community members.

Dimecoin Algorithm
QUARK based

Quark algorithm is 9-rounds of SHA-512 hashes of different algorithm digests (1. Blake, 2. Bmw, 3. Groestl or Skein, 4. Groestl, 5. Jh, 6. Blake or Bmw, 7. Sha-3 (keccak), 8. Skein, 9. Sha-3 (Keccak) or Jh)

You Ask. We Answer. Please see our F.A.Q. section for more details on Dimecoin.

Point of Sale (PoS)

Dollar / Dime
Mobile Wallet Android
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Mobile Wallet iOS

Dimecoin Wallet 1.0.0

Local wallet storage

  • Full control over your coins, and no remote third party can freeze or lose your funds.

Simplified payment verification

  • Only need to download parts of the blockchain that are relevant to your wallet activity, which greatly speeds up sync time.

Encrypted wallet backup

  • Password protected backup of private keys using strong AES 256 bit encryption.

Multiple address support

  • Create new keys on the fly for better security, or to keep track of specific transactions. Label addresses to make them easier to identify.

Address book

  • Save and label frequently used addresses to make it easier to send payments.

QR code scanning

  • Easily send and receive payments by scanning automatically generated QR codes.

Transaction progress indicator

  • Know when a transaction has reached a sage number of confirmations without checking the block history.

Automatic fiat conversion

  • Send, receive, and view your wallet balance in your preferred fiat currency. The conversion is made in real time based on current market valuation.

Low transaction fees

  • Transaction fees are just fractions of a coin calculated at: 3e-7/kb, 1e-4 min



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Data from CryptoCompare.com

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We envision Dimecoin as a digital payment solution which will be used across the globe through a variety of individual and third-party integrations. We believe, as our popularity grows, that Dimecoin will continue to be adopted across many different industries and applications.

Please be mindful that our team is extremely dedicated and will continue to take the necessary steps to improve our platform. For the time being, please refer to our current envisioned roadmap.

Dimecoin Roadmap 1
2013: Dimecoin Creation

  • Coin inception and development
  • Node deployment
  • Wallet production and deployment

Early 2018: Re-Org, Site-Relaunch, Community

  • Communication and community organization
  • Website updated with roadmap, whitepaper and team detail
  • Increase Dimecoin awareness and purpose/use

Mid 2018: Dev/Marketing Growth, Wallet, Exposure

  • Development and Marketing team growth
  • Android/iOS/Windows/Mac Wallet
  • Listing on additional exchanges
  • Wallet update

Late 2018: Partnerships, Dime Store, DimeDonation

  • Business acceptance and partnerships with brands/companies
  • Dime Store; available to purchase product
  • Implementation of DimeDonation

Core Team

Ryan Downey | CEO
Olivier Van Gysel | CFO
Matt Kahla, Jr. | PR/Business Development
Kyle Dittmar
Kyle Dittmar | Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications
Douglas Hopping | Director of Operations
Matthias Jakisch
Matthias Jakisch | Director, Desktop-, Mobile- and Web-Development
Anthony Engelken | Lead Blockchain Development
David Cox
David Cox | Marketing and Research Analysis
Budd Seeto
Budd Seeto | PR Marketing Consultant
Jordan Musto
Jordan Musto | Marketing Technologist
Louie Sakoda | UX / UI Designer
Alexander de Villechenous | GUI Developer

Dimecoin Advisors

Brent Britton | Advisor

Our Partners

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