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For the Community. By the Community.

Micro-transactions for everyday use.

(Dimecoin Whitepaper Coming Soon!)

Update The Linux Wallet v1.7.1.0 is now up on the Wallet downloads page.

Welcome to Dimecoin

Dimecoin is a fast and durable coin great for micro-payments. Dimecoin uses (Quark) algorithm and is minable with ASIC.

Since the beginning of 2018, it has been revived by a diverse and talented group of community volunteers determined to ensure a successful comeback. 

As a community based coin, we value transparency and agility. So please join us as we grow, develop, and integrate Dimecoin.

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Why Dimecoin?

Community Development

A flourishing community building value!


Easy for the community to mine with a CPU, GPU & ASIC.

QUARK Infusion

Inspired by Quark and uses a SHA-3 hashing algorithm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Dimecoin?

    Dimecoin is driven “By the Community, For the Community.” Dimecoin will be implemented in real-world use for micro-transactions, with fast transactions (seconds to transfer and confirm) with multi-layered encryption. Many other features are in the works and the community will be regularly updated as progression continues.

  • What wallet can I use?

    All Dimecoin Wallet downloads can be found on our Wallets page.

  • Where can I buy Dimecoin?
  • Is Dimecoin Mineable?

    Yes! Based on the  Quark algorithm, Dime can be mined via CPU, GPU, or ASIC miners. This ensures it is easily minable by all community members.

    Mining Pool information:



  • How will Dimecoin give back to the community?

    Dimecoin and the community deeply believe in helping the community. We shall donate a small portion of all transaction fees to the community.

    In addition, Dimecoin has plans to implement pay-to-vote polling where a portion of the proceeds goes back to the community. Here, regular Dimecoin updates will be voted upon by community members. Please join and tell us what you think!



We see Dimecoin as a widely-used utility coin that will enjoy various third-party integrations. With its regained popularity – making its way back up to the top 200 coins on Coinmarketcap – we believe that this coin has the potential to be strongly adopted by the masses.

Please be mindful that our team is quite agile and therefore things will continuously be improved upon. For the time being, please find our current envisioned roadmap.

2013: Dimecoin Creation

  • Coin inception and development
  • Node deployment
  • Wallet production and deployment

Early 2018: Re-Org, Site-Relaunch, Community

  • Communication and community organization
  • Website updated with roadmap, whitepaper and team details
  • Increase Dimecoin awareness and purpose/use

Mid 2018: Dev/Marketing Growth, Wallet, Exposure

  • Development and Marketing team growth
  • Android/iOS/Windows/Mac Wallet
  • Listing on additional exchanges
  • Wallet update

Late 2018: Partnerships, Store, DimeDonation

  • Business acceptance and partnerships with brands/companies
  • Dimecoin store; available to purchase product
  • Implementation of DimeDonation


Ryan Downey | CEO
Olivier Van Gysel | CFO
Brent Britton | Advisor
Matt Kahla, Jr. | PR/Business Development
Kyle Dittmar | Social Media Manager
Louie Sakoda | UX / UI Designer
Douglas Hopping | Director of Operations
Anthony Engelken | Lead Blockchain Development
David Cox | Marketing and Research Analysis
Emrah Mete | Marketing Lead

Our Partners

My Café Box

My Café box is a Tantra Bliss chocolate blend of certified organic spices and superfoods which are formulated to enhance your sex drive. 10% off to Dimecoin Community members!


The first online store that offers goods for Cryptocurrency.


Skeincoin is a cryptocurrency that makes the future of payment systems an everyday reality by providing integrated real-world applications.

Keene FC

Dimecoin is the first cryptocurrency to partner with a soccer club in America. Keene FC is in the UPSL and plays in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Bargain Depot Grocery

One of the biggest branded grocery clearance outlets in Oldsmar.

Dime Store

Head over to the Dimecoin store to get your hands on the latest merchandise!

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